Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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FREE Classifieds with 4 Color Photo

Register at the Top Right of ANY Page providing name / email / user name / password.  Our system will automatically send a verification link to your email.  Activate the link then simply loginand start adding FREE  Classifieds.  Your ads MUST conform to our Family Friendly Guidelines and will run for 21 days with notification and renewal link sent prior to expiration to your email.  All information is reviewed as it is published and misuse of any kind will result in banning you from the site and if necessary your informatoin will be forwarded to the propert authorities.

Registered Users can also send us local news and information or place calendar events on the site via the ADD News feature at the top left of any page. 


You CAN place new or used items on our FREE Classifieds. 

You CAN advertiser your business services or products on our FREE Classifieds

Ads MUST be Family Friendly in Content and Photos for the average youth to see or read.

Ads MUST be legitimate with product available and in good order with NO fraud.

The authorities will be given all necessary information should you abuse the site in ANY way.

Abuse will result in immediate barring from use of the site.


Marion M Miller VP

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