Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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Hopkins County Residents Attend Largest March on DC

Hopkins County, KY - Larry Oglesby and Dr. Jim Johnson attended last weekend's 912 DC March on Washington with almost 2 million other concerned citizens.

The 912 DC March is now one of the largest on record in the history of the United States.. Simply put people of all ages, race, background, and professions felt that the time had come to make a difference and put forth the effort to STOP Socialized Medicine and Out Of Control Spending by the ever growing Federal Government .  The 912 March was not a Democrat-Republician-Black-White demonstration, it was a Demonstration by  American Patriots.  Photos of the event show seniors, veterans, physicians, nuns, and every walk of life in attendance at the event with signs that are sometimes graphic in their displeasure of what is happening in Washington.

Larry Oglesby stated "We have the greatest health care system in the world and it is at risk of being destroyed with the plans for Socialized Medicine."   Mr. Oglesby was also concerned about Cap and Trade Legislation and  the future of Kentucky Coal Mining Industry and Coal Fired Electric Generating Plants  under the current administration. Mr Oglesby stated,"  Kentucky Coal fuels our economy in Hopkins County and Western Kentucky and we need to let Washington know how important Coal Mining is to our future.". 

Several major arteries in DC were shut down to heavy inbound traffic of the large numbers of protesters arriving  for the demonstration  starting Saturday at 10am with the March and the Protest Rally beginning in front of the U.S. Capitol  at 1:00pm. Larry also stated, "He was disappointed the major news media ABC,CBS,NBC saw fit not to cover or report on this  show of discontent  of  True  American Patriots and their concern to the  Socialist path  America is going down." "It was the most amazing once in a lifetime experience to be a part of so many concerned Americans and I am proud that Jim and I were there."

Times have changed yet the basic values and needs of the citizens of our United States have never been more pressing.  Your opinion and thoughts make a difference regardless of what side of the issue you believe in which is why iSurf News has placed the photos from Larry Oglesby of this historic event in combination with the 1960's Red Skelton Pledge of Allegiance. 

Take the time to view this and then ask What Can I Do?  The answer is contact your US Representatives and Kentucky Representatives to let them know the concerns you have for the future of Kentucky and our United States of America. 

MM Miller, iSurf News and Local Information with interview of Larry Oglesby and photos provided by Larry Oglesby of Madisonville Kentucky.





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