Hopkins County Central ABA Oct 30th Game Results

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY - Here are the Hopkins County Central ABA October 30, 2010 game results.
JV Boys
Duncan won by forfeit 22:  Hunter Offutt-4; Logan Brown-16; Jacob Boyd-2
Crist(2) 31:  Skyler Hibbs-4; Chris Level-4; Eli Walker-12; Dylan Sutton-2; Chandler Crist-9

Sherman 24:  Kyle Slate-4; Michael Higens-13; Stuart Tackett-5; Chase French-2
Crist 31:  Austin James-7; Chandler Crist-17; Ryan Smith-4; Eli Posvic-2; Hayden Space-2

Watts 21:  Jacob Watts-2; Brdaley Crick-2; Caden Prowse-2; Jacob Morphew-11; Dylan Daugherty-4
Pleasant 24:  Dylan Pleasant-8; Damon Benson-14; Austin Kelley-2

Training League Boys
Barber 13:  Lucas Perkins-4; Collins Rodgers-6; Austin Watts-3
Duvall 12:  Cole Duvall-1; Jordan Vaughn-6; Cross Skeen-5

Andresen 38:  Malachi Andresen-16; Cody Eastwood-10; Ethan Browning-6; Calvin Browning-4; Alex Browning-2
Morgan 25:  Colby Lear-2; Cole Martin-6; Hunter Kembel-1; Easton Maddox-12; Joey Walker-2; Cade Martin-2

Herring 28:  Robbie James-23; Isaac Patterson-5
Almon 23:  Wyatt Whitaker-6; Ethan Putty-12; Daniel Guasp-2; Dylan Nance-3

Instructional Coed League
Putman 10:  Tyler Strader-2; Ethan Summers-8
Andresen 9:  Travis Andresen-4; Logan Scarbrough-5

Pate 14:  Zachary Brasher-6; Dominic Brackney-6; Toby Stevens-2
Rodgers 16:  Trevor Rodgers-4; Landon Cline-7; Ayden Davis-5

Putman 5:  HailieFry-4; Ethan Summers-1
Hunter 19:  Kolby Williams-13; Blade Byrum-4; Jackson Crick-2

Information provided to iSurf News by Mia Higens.
Posted by Karen Orange - iSurf News

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