Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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December 7th, 1941

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY – On December 7, 1941, at approximately 7:55 in the morning, an event occurred at the seaside city of Pearl Harbor that would change the history, direction, and inevitably the current state of the United States of America.

On that fateful morning, over 300 aircraft from Japan flew in two separate waves, without any warning, and began dropping bombs on an unsuspecting fleet docked at Pearl Harbor. Over one thousand American soldiers died on that day. The numbers of soldiers added to civilians that died equals over 2000 American citizens, all within a few short hours. Over 1000 were injured, some of which passed away shortly thereafter. Many of those injured carried their scars and disabilities with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Eleven United States ships were sunk and several more were damaged beyond repair. Almost 200 aircraft were destroyed, most of which were on the ships. This was the moment when the United States involvement in World War II actual began.

iSurf News asks that you take a minute today and consider those moments when the attack began. Consider the soldiers that were home visiting family, going about their daily lives and feeling safe in their country. Imagine the sudden fear and terror as the world began to explode around them, as their friends, family, and fellow soldiers fell to their left and right. Can you possibly imagine how horrible those moments were?

Then, take into consideration the fact that before the day was over, 29 Japanese bombers were brought down and 65 enemy soldiers were killed. It doesn’t seem like much in comparison to the US casualties, but consider what it means. Throughout the terror, the grief, and the fear, our soldiers stood up as bombs exploded all around them, and they fought back. They did not run. They did not hide. They stood strong against the enemy, against overwhelming forces, and they never surrendered.

This is our country today. We may have internal issues from time to time, but in the end, we know what we are. We are fighters. We fight for what we believe in. We stand for what is right. We know this because, on that fateful day in 1941, our soldiers laid down some guidelines for us to go by. We are not quitters. We are soldiers, fighting for truth, justice and the American Way.

iSurf News proudly salutes our military today, and the soldiers of Pearl Harbor. You are truly our heroes.

Franklin D. Roosevelt stated: “December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.”

J. L. Graham
iSurf News


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