Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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The People Do Have a Voice

The People Do Have a Voice


The journey has been long and tedious, but the people of Hopkins County won a major battle.  Members of the Fiscal Court finally read the constitution and realized they have sole responsibility to pass laws in this county.  An appointed board does not.  The Freedom Coalition and its supporters have maintained this position from day one. We are obviously pleased with the court’s decision and want to thank all the members for their attempt to restore legislative credibility to Hopkins County.

We also want to thank the Health Board members for creating the demise of their own plan.  The board’s misleading statements and arrogant attitude turned public opinion against its members.  The board’s own actions best illustrate the need for elected accountability.

When the Fiscal Court does finally vote up or down on this issue, we will respect the outcome of that vote and acknowledge its legality. The Fiscal Court action represents a victory for the Freedom Coalition and the voters of Hopkins County.  The people now have a voice. That being said, this fight is not over. The Freedom Coalition will continue to lobby for private property rights for business owners.  We will also continue giving input on this ordinance to the Fiscal Court, to lessen the impact on our small businesses.

The Freedom Coalition and its supporters passionately support freedom and private property rights. It is frightening to see liberty being encroached upon in so many places around us. Though it’s sad to see some infringement on private property owners’ rights, we are heartened that action is now being taken by elected representatives, not by appointed bureaucrats. 

We encourage anyone interested to attend Fiscal Court meetings.  Learn about local issues and become involved.  George Washington once wrote “ In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.”  We have attended meetings; we have learned, and we have acted.  Our public opinion has been powerful.


    Final score of the battle:   The people of Hopkins Co.---------------------------------1


                                              The Health Board and Messenger Editorial staff--------0


Hal Latham

Spokesperson Kentucky Freedom Coalition

Dawson Springs



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