Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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Letter to the Editor—Swept Out From Under the Rug

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY - Dear iSurf News,
My name is Shirley Dunlap and I am a concerned citizen of the Hopkins County area, specifically White Plains, KY. My purpose in sending this letter is to inform people of the unethical and crooked actions current 1st District Magistrate candidate, David Crick, has pulled in the past.

Around February 2008, high winds from a tornado caused tree limbs to fall on several houses in the city of White Plains, Kentucky. Several families asked the Mayor and City Commissioners to use the City's equipment to help remove the tree limbs and other debris off of the citizens' homes inside of the City's limits. The citizens were told that the City's equipment could not be used to remove any debris on private property.
Not long after the people of White Plains were denied any of the City's equipment to aide in removing remove said debris off tax payers homes, several people in town noticed that the City's trailer was carrying a deck/porch from a mobile home that had been damaged during that same storm. The man driving the City’s vehicle was David Crick.

David Crick used the City’s dump truck to pull the trailer filled with the deck/porch to his stepson's house. The name of the stepson is Timmy Ferrell. Mr. Ferrell lives around 2-3 miles outside of the city limits and on his own private property. The deck/porch was also removed from a separate private property.
J.T. Clark, who is now a City Commissioner in White Plains, asked me during this time to drive to Ferrell's house in order to see if the City's trailer and dump truck were at Ferrell's residence. I did not know where Ferrell lived, so I asked local citizen and friend, Cindy Hughlett, to go with me. I took my camera in order to make pictures that I could show Commissioner Clark. As I drove by Ferrell's house, Cindy Hughlett made the pictures that I am enclosing.
The reason why I am sharing these pictures is because of Crick's continual misuse of the City's property. As you can see, the proof is in the pudding. I think the voters of the First District should see the pictures with David Crick and stepson, Timmy Ferrell, using the White Plains' equipment on Ferrell's private property. If David Crick had no issues with using White Plains' equipment illegally, I think the voters can expect what type of a public servant David Crick would be if elected.
To put it bluntly: Character is how a person acts when no one is looking. The voters of the First District need to see the pictures and know the character of David Crick before they vote.
In addition to this illegal use of City property, Crick was also caught using Hopkins County Jail inmates for labor on his step-son’s property sometime between 2003 and 2004. Inmates of the Hopkins County Jail, who were brought into White Plains for general clean-up of the city, were removed when Jailer Jim Lantrip found out that inmates were, in fact, building an aluminum building on Timmy Ferrell's property under the supervision of David Crick. Said building is also visible in the photos I have included. The inmates were removed immediately. I am sure that Jailer Lantrip will remember this unpleasant incident.

As of right now, I am generally certain that Crick has been allocated these “special treatments” due to a 10-year contract with the City he signed on for when his brother-in-law, Mayor Ronnie C. Lewis, was still in office. However, bending laws for personal gain just because you know “friends” that will sweep them under the rug is not only illegal and unethical, but it is a shady and crooked practice. What we need is somebody to lift the rug up, to see the shifty deals. The problem is there’s no telling what all you’d find under there.

Shirley Dunlap


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