Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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Reader Responds to 4/17/09 Article


Response to Insurance Tax article on 4/17/09 in Madisonville Messenger 


Dear Editor,


The basic purpose of government is to provide services to its citizens--services such as law enforcement, fire protection, and safe roadways. 

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Investors Not Buying President's Plan

Since President Obama took office, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped another 30% continuing a decline to 6,800 from a high of 14,000 just a few months ago.  The drop in the Dow Jones Average below 7,000 has many investors worried.  The 7,000 level represents a 50% decline from the high and is seen a key level for investors.  When the Dow closed at 6,800, many investors feared a 6,000 or even a 5,000 Dow in the coming months. 

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Add 14 years to your life

If you are middle-aged or older, specifically 45 to 79, how would you like to add 14 years to your life? According to a British study if you currently have no cardiovascular disease or cancer, you can do that by adhering to four Healthy Behaviors.

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Phillip Merrell Submits View About Leash Law

In response to Bob Blair, I have had to call the humane society on several occasions about a stray pit bull running rampant in the vicinity of South Daves and Hodge streets and they informed me "we do not pick up stray animals anymore but we will give you a kennel and if you catch it we will come pick it up."  WHAT?!?!?  You want ME to do YOUR job?  So I call MPD and what do they do?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  They tell me to call the humane society.  I agree with you Bob, where are all my tax dollars going?

The People Do Have a Voice

The People Do Have a Voice


The journey has been long and tedious, but the people of Hopkins County won a major battle.  Members of the Fiscal Court finally read the constitution and realized they have sole responsibility to pass laws in this county.  An appointed board does not.  The Freedom Coalition and its supporters have maintained this position from day one. We are obviously pleased with the court’s decision and want to thank all the members for their attempt to restore legislative credibility to Hopkins County.

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